The Perfect Notes App

The perfect notes app

I take a lot of notes. Whether it is meeting notes while meeting with my team or a quick photo of something I want to remember for later I’m always adding to my collection. Over the years I’ve tried so…

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Don’t Push Publish… Yet

3 Lessons for a PHP Developer Working in GoLang

Blogging isn’t easy. Whether you struggle to find ideas to write about, put them to paper or worry about the reaction of strangers it can be a long an painful process. Of all the advice I’ve heard to help improve…

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Thoughts On My Blogging Schedule

Thoughts on my blogging schedule

I’ve been blogging for a long time. This site goes back to 2008 but I’ve had earlier sites that were simply lost to time as I switched blogging software over the years, eventually landing on WordPress. Throughout that time the…

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