About Chris Wiegman

Hello, I’m Chris Wiegman. I am a US-based engineering manager who has spent the bulk of my software career working on WordPress, specifically on the development experience of WordPress developers.

While I’ve been developing software professionally for the last 10 years, tech was not my first career. I turned to software and tech after a career that found me making money in music, education and even as an airline captain and flight instructor. In the process I’ve completed a degree in aviation management as well as a master’s degree in computer science, both from Southern Illinois University and I continue apply what I’ve learned both formally and through over 20 years of professional experience to help WordPress developers build the best sites they can.

Today I work for WP Engine as an Engineering Manager where I help build teams using a range of technologies including PHP, JavaScript and GoLang to build solutions ranging from WordPress plugins to microservices in support of our users which include some of the biggest WordPress sites in production.

A few of the more popular projects I’ve been involved with over the last decade include:

What I’m working on today

  • Helping build Faust.js at WP Engine
  • Building a team as the new engineering manager for the Faust team
  • Starting on my goal of reading 50 books in 2022
  • Writing posts for this site and others
  • Contemplating another redesign to this site
  • Learning German
  • Searching for a place that we can call home

Last updated 7 January, 2022

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