Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

Building a New Website… in Astro

I’ve been debating how I want to build a documentation site for Kana for a while now. While conventional wisdom would suggest I build it in WordPress (it is a WordPress development environment, after all) there are a few reasons why that isn’t a good fit for now.

I’ve also considered building it in Hugo, another tool I’ve used in the past, but it isn’t always the most flexible tool and I can’t seem to find a theme I’m comfortable with.

What I’ve wanted is a good theme (I’m not a designer, nor do I want to be for this project) and something I could host for free either on GitHub Pages or Netlify. This is why WordPress isn’t the right fit for now, I would have to find hosting and it just isn’t in the budget. Add to that the site itself will be even more static than this site and WordPress is just overkill.

After playing around with a number of options for the last few weeks I think I’ve finally settled on a framework to get me started. I’m jumping into new (for me) territory with Astro and its Starlight theme. It looks good, has everything I need and, most importantly to me, is something I can host for free.

I typically avoid JavaScript frameworks like this for a host of reasons but after playing with Astro I’m sold.

Now all I need to do is get the site actually built.