Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

Life is Weird

Today, March 10th (as I write this), would’ve been my parents’ 51st wedding anniversary.

My mom passed on April 11th last year so it is the first my dad has had without her.

We came up to my dad’s house on Thursday to spend the weekend with him so he didn’t have to spend it alone. Today we’ll take him to visit our new home for the first time (he loaned us the money to buy it until we sell the Florida house yet, for a variety of reasons, he hasn’t seen it yet). Then we’ll go to the cemetery this afternoon before taking him home.

It’s funny how life changes. A year ago today, had you told me my life looks the way it does today I would’ve told you you’re crazy.

While I’m very grateful to be out of Florida Chicago was the last place I ever thought we would move back to yet, here we are and days like today are why.

I’m grateful for the changes we’ve made. I’m even glad for our new normal, though I wish we could’ve spent today with my mom too, other than at the cemetery.

Life is weird. Make the best of it.