3 Reasons Why I Don’t Write More

Keeping up with writing has been a point of contention for me for quite some time. While I’ve managed to start nearly 100 posts or more I just never seem to publish anything. After a lot of reflection over the last few months I can say, without a doubt, that there are precisely 3 reasons I haven’t been writing like I want to. Continue Reading

WordCamp London 2017

Today I have the honor of returning to WordCamp London, which I haven’t attended since 2013, as a speaker. I’ll be giving a talk this afternoon on practical encryption that covers the basics of what encryption is, what it does and how it can be used in some of our every day communications. If this is a topic that interests you check out the slides below. Should the talk be recorded I’ll add the video here when it is available. Continue Reading

Becoming a Professional Developer Is More Than The Latest Library

As a teacher and speaker one of the questions I’m often asked is which language/technique/etc should an aspiring developer learn first to get a job as fast as possible. Most of these folks are ambitious and capable but, in following many over the course of the years, I find few ever become great at what they do simply because they aspire to be a “super generalist,” that is, a developer who can write any code for any project on any timetable without question. What they aspire to is not to be a successful developer but to imitate, often in only months to a year or two, the careers of mentors and teachers who while having been in the industry for many more years are not up to the standards the student is expecting themselves. Continue Reading