No More Analytics

Last July I re-introduced analytics to this site for what I thought would be helpful insights to help guide future posts. It hasn’t worked out that way. After 6 months of chasing analytics I’m not using them for anything other…

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Finding Home

Last week I wrote the quick post, 7 years, talking about our seven-year anniversary here in Florida. While we closed on this house on 14 Jan, 2015, we didn’t drive away from Texas until 24 Jan, 7 years ago today.…

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7 Years

The Simple Struggle

This past week marked 7 years since we closed on our house. I can’t believe it has been that long already. I also cannot want to move on to someplace else. I am so very tired of Florida.

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One Year With iPhone

Back to iPhone

This weekend, the 16th to be exact, will mark exactly one year since I came back to iPhone. When I moved to Google Pixel in 2017 I really didn’t think I would be coming back to iPhone at all. The…

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