Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

Our New Normal

This weekend was amazing, and all of it does seem to be becoming our new normal.

On Saturday we had an early birthday dinner for Joy (her birthday is today, 4 March) with both of her sisters and a couple we were close with in Carbondale yet hadn’t seen since we left 12 years ago.

It was an amazing night.

Yesterday we enjoyed the amazing Chicago weather with a walk north down the lakefront to the totem pole at Addison and then down to Wrigley field and home. During our walk we even stopped for donuts this morning at a local place that easily beats any of the donut shops we had in Florida.

Tonight we’re joining another close friend for Joy’s actual birthday.

It’s wonderful to have a life again.

It’s wonderful to have places to go where we feel safe.

It’s wonderful to enjoy the place we live, something we haven’t really done since we left Carbondale.

I think this summer is promising to be amazing.