It’s Time to Lower My Defenses

Go Far TogetherI was going to fly a jet!

As the company had just lost people they wanted to make sure I wouldn’t follow right away¬†so they had me sign an agreement that I would reimburse them for the training if I was to quit. I had a lawyer look at the agreement and all seemed good so I signed it. While turning it in I was told point-blank “this is just to make sure you don’t quit as new FO’s can’t handle real training.” There was no training and I quit 3 months later as other problems with the company came to light. I was sued for the non-training and lost. I had failed to take other factors besides the law into account and trusted a really bad company. [ Continue Reading... ]


It’s been a long week. Too long in fact. I actually had a few great posts planned out for this week but, alas, my laptop battery is near dead tonight so I’m playing catch up from my iPad. With a little luck next week will be far more productive on here.

Argh Updates

So the PHP version on my URL shortener updated today resulting in a 502 error for all PHP pages (and of course not so much as a single entry in any logs). To top it off yesterdays snapshot won’t restore either. Looks like I’m rebuilding a server tonight.