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Three Techs I’m Learning

At the beginning of the month my position changed when my team was eliminated and I reverted to being a developer again as a result. It had been a few years since I had written code for the day job. I’ve done plenty of work for my own projects but it isn’t quite the same.

Because of all this I find myself in a position to learn again and that I’m kinda excited about. There’s so much out there though. For the new role, where I’ll be supporting Atlas as something of a WordPress architect, I’ve realized there are a few things I really need to focus on. Here’s what they are:

JavaScript and TypeScript

The first is JavaScript and TypeScript. I have used Node.js for a lot of tasks over the years but it isn’t something I really enjoy using for production projects. Now, however, I need to change that. I’m working on boosting my JavaScript skills as a result and adding some TypeScript on top of it.

While I still can’t stand a lot of the JavaScript ecosystem I’m hoping that putting this tech together will get me where I need to be.

Modern WordPress

This site runs on WordPress but it intentionally minimizes as much of it as possible. As a result I’ve done very little with modern WordPress and I need to change that. I’ll be digging into block development and other concepts that just didn’t exist the last time I built a site with WordPress (about 8 years ago).

Modern PHP

While I don’t need modern PHP for WordPress it is still something I want to dive back into. I’ll probably pick up a Laracasts subscription in the coming weeks to get me started.