Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

How my tech should be

For once I’m writing from my iPad again.

Lately I’ve been writing from my Linux laptop which, while it has its advantages, is probably the worst place for me to attempt to write from. It has almost none of my data so I can’t add a picture from my photo library or access really any of my iCloud data but it is great for code. As a result nearly every post I write on it quickly trails off to me working on some sort of code fix with one of my projects.

There really is something to be said for my comfort with the Apple ecosystem at this point. The one thing I cannot do on my iPad is code yet I can do literally anything else and actually access all of my data.

I get the attraction of Linux and all the “small tech” solutions but for me they’re just not realistic. I want to access my data from all of my devices, it’s that simple, and it takes some big tech to do that. I don’t trust Google as stewards of my data so I’m with Apple.

Is Apple great, no.

Does Apple allow me to use my devices how I want to, yes.

I can plan routes on my laptop and move to my iPad or my phone.

I can start a document on my iPad, move it to my laptop and share it from my phone.

I can access messages, the phone itself, music and everything else regardless of device.

All of this is why I don’t see myself going back to another tech ecosystem for a while. Each device is a complete window into the features and data I need within reasonable constraints (code on iPad is my only exception to that) and all that, for better or worse, is how it should be to me.