Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

We’re No Longer Florida Homeowners

It’s been no secret that I had wanted to get out of Florida for a very long time.

As of Monday we are completely done with the state. We closed on the house we owned in Sarasota and that’s it. We’re done. I don’t even really care to ever go back to that state to visit.

For a state I grew up around I never thought I would say that but, here we are.

I’m so glad we’re finally done. It took 7.5 months from the time we put an offer on our current condo until we were finally able to close on the Sarasota house and that process has been anything but pleasant.

Now to move onward and upward. We no longer have a mortgage and we’re doing OK for now so I’m we can finally start doing everything we put on hold on 7 April of last year.