Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

Safari Is Still My Favorite Browser

I’ve been experimenting with browsers again lately. On Mac I’ve used Safari for years but work would really like us to use Chrome on our work machines so I gave it a shot… and was back on Safari within a week (at least for now as they’re supposed to make Chrome, and Chrome only, a hard requirement before long).

For my own computers I use Firefox on Linux but lately I’ve found it seems less stable so I’ve tried installing Vivaldi and a few others and, as with my work machine… I was quickly back to Firefox.

The catch is, I still only use Firefox on my Linux machine because I don’t really have an alternative. I really do like Safari’s “compact” tab view and how it handles both my favorites and reading list. I even like it’s newer profiles feature, though I have little use for it currently because I keep my work strictly separate from my personal computing.

I would like this to be the point where I come in and say what would make me switch but, honestly, I just don’t much care anymore. I just want to use what works best for me and, today, that’s Safari. Sometimes good enough really is just good enough.