Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

My First Trip To The Office In 4 Years

I’m a huge proponent of remote work. I’ve been working from home myself since 2013, the vast majority of my tech career, and it has made me much more productive as well as ensures I can live my life my way.

For all that, a regular visit with co-workers is a very good thing.

This week I’m meeting with some of my team in Limerick, Ireland. It’s my first time to any office since February of 2020 and it is definitely worth the trouble.

The conversations have been productive, the meetings have given us direction and I’ve even had some time to work and bond with people I’ve only ever known from Zoom.

For all its benefits, though, I still found myself back in my hotel room this afternoon, when the meetings were over, for a chance at real focus work as offices are just too distracting.

Next week I’ll return to my home office with a refreshed sense of purpose and ready to hit the ground running though and that makes this worth it. In the past I usually traveled for work at least monthly, which was actually too much. That said, 4 years is far too little and I hope to work with these folks again in person ideally 2 or 3 times a year. That will be enough to keep the energy going and still ensure that I can focus and move forward without distraction at home.