Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

Could This Site be Limiting Me?

Lately I’ve been wondering if the design of this site has been limiting what I write on it.

By this I don’t necessarily mean the visual look of the site but just how stripped down the WordPress installation itself is. To write I have to limit myself to only a handful of blocks I’ve implemented in the theme. I can’t use certain list types nor really any media except for basic images. I can’t connect to anything else and even the text is starting to feel rather boring.

At work my team has been working on a new site with some very interesting and advanced blocks and I’ve actually found it all rather inspiring. Then I come back here and feel like I can’t do any of that.

For the last few years the singular theme of this site has been to be as minimal as possible and, for the most part, I’ve succeeded. The front page is only about 12kb and that, at least to me, was the point. You don’t need all the fancy features to make a blog.

But in going so minimal I think I’ve also lost the ability to create without bounds.

Every new feature worries me about what it will add to the page weight and every bit of content is measured by what I can do with the few blocks that work well.

It might be time to stop worrying and start writing. I’ve done it before, when this site was on Blocksy. I think it might be time to do something similar again.

I’ll play around with some new ideas in the coming weeks and we’ll see where it all leads.