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More Moving Woes

I had big plans for a post tonight and was even working on code but…

I got distracted.

When I got our mail there was an envelope from the old owners of the place. In it was a tax bill for our parking space (it’s deeded separately from the home itself).

OK, that’s weird. They sent one in the Fall too but it came after the bill from the county itself which I had paid a day or two previous. No big deal.

I look up this new one by ID and it doesn’t show in my account (I haven’t gotten anything from the county yet this month so might as well use this).

Well, now we have a problem.

The tax ID from the mail the old owners sent us is off by one digit from what is in our account and what I had paid the bill (sent by the county) for last Fall. In looking through our paperwork I paid the right bill according to the deed and the contract but what the old owners had was different.

After a lot of research we found the tax bill they sent us had an ID that matched one of the settlement statements, just not our deed and contract (what the county was sent).

To make a long story short it appears I paid someone else’s tax bill last fall and now their parking spot belongs to me, according to the county.

I’ve emailed the title company, the lawyer who aided in the closing and the agent but, we’ll see what happens. I suspect we’ll just have to pay it all again and we’ll be out. As for the paperwork itself, if past experience is any indication we’ll also pay quite a bit to get that fixed.

It has NOT been a good evening.