Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

Tuning Out is Hard

For a while now I’ve been trying to tune out much of the noise that consumes my time. News, outrage and more have become an addiction as I spend my evenings glued to my iPad screen looking for more and more of it.

No more.

This week I’ve started making a real effort to tune this all out. The problem is it is so very hard.

We really do get addicted to the news cycle. The outrage, the hatred, it consumes us all. While some can rise above it and do something about it (or at least try to) many of us, including myself, simply get sucked in to the cycle itself on social media and other sites.

I’m tired of spending my nights browsing the same profiles and sites obsessively as if I’ll find something new to be outraged about. I don’t know if I’m afraid I’ll miss something or what but it isn’t helpful.

But what do I replace it all with? I really don’t know right now.