Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

Announcing Kana 0.6.0

This past weekend I released a new version of Kana, my CLI tool for WordPress development environments. Version 0.6.0 has a few new features but, primarily, is the start of some work on streamlining what I’ve already built.

First, 0.6.0 eliminates the phpmyadmin flag and option. Now you can simply start phpMyAdmin on any Kana site by running kana open –phpmyadmin. It’s simpler and faster if you don’t need the tool and makes managing your site a little more convenient. In addition, you can also start Mailpit in the same way, with the kana open –mailpit command. In the future I’ll probably remove its config setting as well but I need to do a bit more testing before I do so.

As an added bonus I’ve also fixed phpMyAdmin on Linux so now it should start and connect just fine.

I’ve also added a new ssl option that will configure the site to use https or http first by setting the appropriate WordPress options. This can make testing APIs and other apps a bit easier as there’s no change of encountering SSL errors from clients that haven’t trusted Kana’s SSL certificate.

Beyond that I’ve finally written some more testing and fixed a few other minor bugs, including documentation, to make Kana just a little easier to use.

Next up I’ll be focusing on some performance tweaks as well as making the configuration even simpler yet. Ideally I want to get to a point where Kana can be configured once to start up exactly the site you need and won’t need to be touched again. As a bonus you’ll even be able to easily share that configuration between machines so you’ll always know what you’re getting with a new project.