Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

So long my friend

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to my little friend, Lindy.

He wasn’t an old cat, he was never a healthy cat, but he was part of our family and I already miss him.

Lindy came to live with us after a rather unexpected twist of fate in August 2014. Right off the bat he was different. He was 6-toed, cross-eyed and bow legged and, in is 9 years of life, he never much did care to use the many litter boxes we bought him over the years.

The doctors said he was just neurotic. I say he was just Lindy. He was a cat-tastophe and I loved him.

While he had the bathroom habits of a drunken sailor he was also one of the sweetest souls I have ever met. Anywhere we were he was right behind us looking to be cuddles. He slept snuggled up to my wife every night and would follow me when I went to bed early. You couldn’t pet him though. He had to pet himself with your hand, there was no alternative.

For his small size (I don’t think he ever crossed 5lbs) he was also the world’s greatest treat connoisseur. All it took was the sound of a treat bag and, no matter where he was he would come running in. He had a run that looked more like he was trying for a fashion show runway and it never ceased to make me smile and make him happy with extra treats.

One of my favorite Lindy facts was, though he didn’t seem to know how to cat, he did think he was a dog and was mostly trainable as such. He was fearless with new things and for years would stay in my office at night until I closed it only because he knew full well that I would bribe him out with a treat. He did that even his last good night at the house on Friday and I will definitely miss it.

He never figured out how to play with many toys except his beloved silver tinsel balls. He loved those and he loved playing goalie for any treats we threw is way. Those were his greatest joys in life.

After a brief illness, of which the Dr’s had no idea what to do for him, he died peacefully yesterday, February 21st, at about 2:30 in the morning in my wife’s arms.

It was unexpected and heartbreaking. Until Friday he was still running for the treat bag and by Tuesday morning he was clearly in pain. I am glad he got to go while being loved. I’m glad he is no longer in pain.

I will forever miss the little guy. He was sweet, ridiculous and, most of all, he was family.

RIP Lindy. We will always love you.