Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

The New Sonos App is a Welcome Upgrade

Screenshot of my Sonos homepage in Firefox on my Linux laptop

Yesterday Sonos released a major upgrade to it’s iPhone and Android apps.

Even as a long-time Sonos customer a new app isn’t something I look for but this time I was in for a nice surprise. While the new phone app seems a bit slicker it was the new web app that really caught me off guard.

As much as I like my Linux machine there are a few things it simply won’t run and those mean it that Linux is still a secondary machine for me rather than my primary machine. One of the biggest things I miss: the ability to control my Sonos system, which is something I often have playing podcasts or music for 10-12 hours per day.

While there have always been a few unofficial Sonos apps for Linux they were always missing something. I never did find one that could connect to my primary music service, Apple Music and most of the rest of the services are touchy, at best. It was one of the reasons I switched to Spotify a few years ago and has annoyed me right up to the release of this new app. Finally I can access everything my Sonos can and play it where I need to when I’m at home. It’s a small win, but it really is a big upgrade for me.

A speaker app shouldn’t be what dictates what you can play to your speakers but… here we are. I really have enjoyed Sonos hardware and now I’ll finally be able to control it from the laptop I tend to use most. That is a huge win to me.