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How Many Blogs is Too Many?

How many blogs is too many?

For the first time in years I’ve found myself buying a few domain names over the past few weeks.

For one of them I’ve already spun up a very simple personal blog using Astro. For the other I’m debating using it for a new, tech-focused blog. While completing these two new blogs I also find myself working on a site and blog for Kana and, together, it’s a lot.

All of it has me asking: how many blogs is too many?

Can I keep my regular blogging going here while also splitting my writing between these other sites? Do I even want to.

Ten years ago I moved much of my tech-focused writing from this site to Bit51, the company I built around the Better WP Security/iThemes Security/Solid Security plugin. While it all worked at the time, I’m not sure the split would be as successful today.

The goal of this site is two-fold. First, it’s a creative outlet for me to write. Second, it’s a place for me to share, educate and help others with solutions to problems I need to solve for myself. All of this will, I hope, function to help make sure I can keep employed and keep my career moving forward.

Given my goals for this site I need to do some real soul-searching as to where I want it all to go. Every choice has its consequences. On the other hand, it’s a fun choice to make and leaves so many possibilities. Either way it’s another question where I look forward to finding the answer that will work for me.