Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

Rejoining a Meetup

The WordPress Austin Meetup is, I still say, responsible for a lot of the success in my career. Before moving to Austin I didn’t even know what a Meetup was but, once there, I was a fixture at the Austin Meetup for 3 years where I attended, spoke and helped organize. Other attendees became good friends and it all lead to a lot of the work I did with WordPress.

I tried to continue that involvement when we moved to Sarasota but, for a host of reasons, the local Meetup just didn’t have the same vibe. After a year or two I stopped going and I think that it, at least in part, why I stopped caring so much about WordPress in general.

The thing is, I miss that interaction with people.

Tonight I’m giving the Chicago WordPress Meetup a shot. It’s their first meeting in a while as they try to reboot and maybe I can help with that. I still have little interest in in-person Meetups but, at least for tonight, this will be online and that is something I can definitely get behind.

It will feel really good to participate in a community again.