Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

A New Phone and a New Watch

On Friday I upgraded my phone and replaced my broken watch.

In the case of the phone I went from an iPhone 12 Pro Max to a 15 Pro Max and, for my watch, I went from the larger Apple Watch Series 6 to the same watch in a Series 9.

So what’s the verdict on each?

The phone is still an iPhone. The screen looks a little more crisp and it’s noticeably lighter and faster but that’s about it.

As for the watch, I don’t really notice any difference except for Watch OS 10 (my series 6 died just before it was released).

So many people seem so disappointed that each new generation doesn’t have “groundbreaking” changes but, honestly, this is exactly how I want it anymore. I don’t have to relearn the tools I use daily and that’s just fine.

With a little luck I won’t upgrade again until the 18 or 19 phone and the 12 or 13 watch. My old iPhone was just fine but was already older than any other phone I had in the past so I was just getting nervous that it’s time was coming and didn’t want to risk it dying over the coming months.

The iPhone and Apple Watch are mature products that receive incremental changes year after year. To me that’s just the way it should be.