Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

Preparing for New Tech

Tomorrow I get a new iPhone and Apple Watch.

It’s time.

It’s also time to do some cleanup of my Apple account.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned with Apple it’s that iCloud functionality seems to degrade overtime as the Keychain and other data gets corrupted. Things like Safari no longer sync right, message sync appears all over the place and little things like the simple name of the device break in the weirdest places.

To combat this I’m taking this new phone, the one device I don’t feel comfortable resetting otherwise, as a chance to cleanup my Apple account and the rest of my devices in general. I’ll reset my iPad and, when Sonoma is released next week, I’ll reset my laptop as well.

This gives me the chance to cleanup old message, delete old bookmarks and generally get rid of a lot of stuff I no longer use.

If I’m smart I’ll let it be after this reset but… it never seems to go that way so we’ll see. A fresh start seems like a good thing though and that I’m kinda excited for.