Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

Two Years Without Beer

Monday marked two years since I last had a beer.

If you know me you know that’s a pretty big deal for me. It was never that I really cared to drink (often times I really didn’t like to at all) but beer, or more specifically going to our local pub, had become our only real escape from the house.

Today I still don’t miss the beer at all but I do sometimes miss sitting at the pub. We never have been able to replace that social part with anything and that can get depressing. Of course we’re still in a pandemic where going to a pub isn’t safe either but there are plenty of outdoor options if we wanted to use them but, honestly, I really don’t feel safe going pretty much anywhere here anymore.

I’m still not saying I’ll never have another beer again but I think next time will look different, if for no other reason than I doubt it will be in Florida.