Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

100 Book Goal – Complete

This past weekend I hit a new record for the year. I finished my 100 book goal, beating my previous record (since I started keeping track anyway) and with two months to go.

I’m pretty proud of this goal. It isn’t because the ”100” means anything but because I started out wanting to make reading a bigger part of my daily routine (as opposed to doomscrolling and other time wasting) and I pulled it off.

While I didn’t cheat on any of the books I will say I often picked shorter books as part of the goal. I’m not ashamed of that fact. It allowed me to put down the topics that are important but stress me out for a while in favor of fun books that I read simply for the enjoyment of reading. Now I’ll go back to more of that deeper content and I feel like I’ll even be better equipped to focus on it after a break. It was kinda wonderful.

I’ve invested a lot of time these past few years in building habits that make me feel better and that is the new normal I’m pretty excited about.