Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

Generating New Blog Post Ideas

The hardest part about writing is, at least for me, coming up with what to write about.

Part of the reason I haven’t blogged regularly in the past is I simply couldn’t think of what I should write about. That hasn’t necessarily changed these days but how I approach the process has. Here are my three tips for generating blog post ideas.

Keep a list with you

The first, and most impactful, method for me is keeping a list nearby where I can edit from literally anything. It’s a simple check-list in Apple Notes that I add to whenever an idea comes to me. Today I have 11 items on it, which is down from 112 after I pruned it last month.

With this method, whenever an idea comes to me I add it to a checklist note for processing next time I’m at the computer.

It’s carried me through so many posts this year and solves the capture problem that used to prevent me from bringing post ideas to life after I forgot about them.

Have an opinion

Historically I avoid writing on many topics dismissing my thoughts as not worth consideration.

It was the wrong approach.

Whether you’re in tech or anywhere else there is always change and controversy. We are not all of the same mind and that’s OK.

Be willing to share your opinions. You’ll find, in most cases, validation and conversation after you press publish. It’s also lead to some of the most popular posts I’ve written.

That said, I’m not saying to be contrary for the sake of argument. I’m saying your opinion matters and you shouldn’t be afraid to share it.

Be personal (if you can)

Finally, be willing to tell a story or share something personal. In my case that means working my own journal into this site. Doing so has taught me how to be more authentic in my writing while also giving me an outlet to record thoughts and ideas that go beyond tech.