Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

I am Thankful

This week we had something we’re not used to dealing with, a health scare that left my wife in the hospital for the last two nights.

She is at home and feeling OK tonight but the suddenness of it all, combined with the hopelessness of being hospitalized for being sick (since we’ve been together every hospital visit has been due to an accident, usually mine) has reminded me of just how important so many of the things I take for granted are.

In this case it is most like a dietary change and monitoring that will prevent a repeat of this week but that won’t always be the case for us and already isn’t for so many friends and family.

After it all, as I sit here tired from worry and all the craziness of the past 2 days I’m thankful.

I’m thankful for a new doctor who actually investigated a minor symptom (her morning runs have been “off” for a few weeks) and found what could have become a much bigger problem.

I’m thankful she is home and we’re both healthy.

I’m thankful for the knowledge that another hospital stay probably isn’t in our immediate future.

I’m thankful for the friends and family that reached out as I posted about our ordeal (something I tend to do often, especially under stress).

Most of all, I’m thankful it’s over and tomorrow is another day. This has been a reminder that none of them are to be wasted and there are so many things we both want to do.