Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

Starting to Pack

After almost 9 years my bedroom, and a few other rooms, have started getting broken down for our move.

When we moved in here I think I hoped that we would never have to do that again but, here we are. Part of me is a little sad, too, even though I’ve grown to loathe the area we live in currently.

I also realize, this time around, that this won’t be our last move. As Chicago wasn’t on our list of destinations we’re hoping our time there is limited, perhaps 5-10 years, before we can finally move on to Portugal or wherever life might take us.

This is OK. I confess that some of my issues with being are are simply that I’ve grown restless. Except for the house I grew up with my parents I’ve spent more nights in this house than anywhere else. Since 1998 I’ve moved 14 times and there is something about the “new” that I really enjoy. I don’t think I want to to it 14 more in the next 25 years, but that wouldn’t be the worst fate either.

What I will miss from this one is this house that we’ve made ours. If I could take the layout of this place with us I would but, alas, that won’t happen.

On Friday I did something I’ve never done with a previous move. I went through the whole house taking pictures of it just before a single thing was packed. It was the last evidence of how we have made it our house and that part I will miss.

In the time since most of our bedroom is packed as is a few other things. It’s a little weird as we’re not moving all at once. We’ll leave to move some stuff up on 7 October but, for a number of reasons, we’ll be coming back here until we close on the sale of this house.

Maybe that’s what I’m worried about most with this whole process. I know the start date, but not yet when it will end.

The next few months are going to be different. At the end, though, I think life will be better for us and for our families and I have to remember that this is all that really matters.