Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

A Good Move or a Bad Move?

We don’t have a place or even an official date yet but I already find myself planning for our upcoming move and I’m both excited and not excited about it.

We were on the path of moving to Portugal until my mom passed, unexpectedly, this past Spring. Now it looks as if we will be going back to Chicago.

If you had suggested Chicago to me as an option before mom passed I would’ve probably looked at you funny. Since I left it in 1998 I vowed, for many reasons, that I would never return. Even in recent years I’ve told people that “if I ever move back to Chicago it will be a sign that I’ve failed in life.”

But here we are.

Frankly I’m not too disappointed anymore. We both hate it here in Florida so much that Chicago will be a vast improvement. If we play our cards right we’ll even get to make that move to Portugal in a few years yet.

So here we sit, getting ready to, I hope, escape Florida by this Fall. With a little luck it very well could be one of the best moves we’ve ever made.