Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

More New Features for Kana 0.11.0

Today I realized version 0.11.0 of Kana with two important new features including one of the first features I’ve built by [potential] user request.

TablePlus Support

The first new feature is the ability to open your database directly in TablePlus instead of phpMyAdmin. This handy feature makes working directly with data just a little easier for me and, I hope, for your work as well.

As of today this feature is Mac-only but I hope to use it as a base for other similar applications on Linux in the future. While I use TablePlus on my Apple laptops, I use DBeaver and other alternatives on my Linux machines so adding further support is definitely something I’m interested in myself in the future.

Multisite Support

The second feature is something the was requested by my friend Topher DeRosia, WordPress Multisite support.

This new support, which can be invoked either by config option or by using th —multisite switch on start will automatically configure either a subdirectory or subdomain multisite allowing for more complex work when needed.

Bug fixes and more

Beyond new features I’ve squashed a few bugs and updated dependencies and other code where needed. You can get download instructions or more information from Kana’s repo and the 0.11.0 Changelog.