Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

A 3-day Weekend

This coming weekend is a 3-day weekend and I’m extremely grateful for it.

When I first started at WP Engine in 2018 we had unlimited PTO, but few of us took much of it. I was one of, at the time, a rather small amount of remote folks so I actually looked forward to working over the holidays and times when others were out as that’s when I could get things done.

At the time we had 8 holidays per year and, frankly, when you add it all up I wasn’t taking enough time off. When I did take something off it was usually for a WordCamp, a wedding or some sort of other necessary travel, almost never for rest.

Today things are a lot different. First, I take more of my PTO. This year has been rough due to family issues but we did manage to get to Portugal in March and that was much needed.

We also now get 15 holidays per year including the upcoming Juneteenth holiday on Monday.

First, I’m grateful that my company has chosen to observe dates like Juneteenth. One of our core values is “do the right thing” and I think the addition of holidays like this is doing exactly that.

Second, I’m just grateful for the break. It’s much needed.