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A Review of 2016 with a Preview of 2017

A Review of 2016 with a Preview of 2017

For as much bad as I’ve seen in 2016 I can say, at least for me, it wound up finishing on a really positive note. I guess I can say, at least with the factors I can control, that I feel like 2017 has more promise that any year in recent memory. We’re settling in, work is wonderful and I feel like I finally have some direction and purpose on a number of fronts. That is a wonderful feel.

2016 in Review

As much as I talk about having promise for next year I have to say that I had been thinking the same thing for 2016 when it started and I wound up spending most of it absolutely miserable. Some of the highlights of a year where my main goal was getting healthier:

  • I’m 1.1 lbs heavier today than I was on Dec 31, 2015
  • We still average nearly $700.00/month on just beer
  • I spent the first 9 months of the year in a job I grew to absolutely hate
  • The puppy we adopted in Dec 2015 turned out to be a nightmare as she turned on our cats and eventually Kana leaving everyone in the house in a constant state of anxiety
  • I managed to only post about 14 times out of a goal of 50 posts
  • I only finished 20 book out of a goal of 24
  • Depression and anxiety ruled the day

Of course though it wasn’t all bad, I did have some wins this year as well:

  • I managed to raise my step goal from 5,000 steps (a plateau I have been at for almost 18 months) to 9,000 steps as of tomorrow.
  • In September I took a new job that I really believe I can stay at for years to come and, more importantly, where I can make a difference as part of an incredibly talented team
  • Last week we found a new home for Koa, the puppy, and already our cats and Kana are like entirely new animals
  • In September we met our goal of going to one car and in November we paid that one car off over 3 years ahead of schedule

2017 Back to Basics

So all in all I shouldn’t complain as it appears that the worst is behind us and we really do have a lot to look forward to in 2017. For my part I hope to make this year about my family and my health. The doctor has been telling me for a few years that I drink to much so I’ll be attacking that head on with help from friends and checking out local support groups like AA. In addition, with the puppy gone it should be much easier for Joy and I to travel on the weekends and get out to the beach more with Kana, a favorite activity for all. As long as I keep the mantras of health and family I think we’ll be in good shape. Some of my more specific goals:

  • I’ve bet my best friend, Michele, $500 that I can stop drinking from Jan 1 to Mar 24. I did this in November and it worked great so I’m hoping the longer break will give me more time to find activities and groups that don’t involve drinking, which seems to be all we really know how to do.
  • I want to finish 24 books
  • I want, again, to finish 50 posts on this site and simplify the design and functionality a bit
  • I want to get my step goal to 10,000 steps and keep it there
  • I want to get my weight under 180 lbs (a loss of 15 from where I’m at today)
  • I want to travel somewhere, even if just for a weekend, with just Joy and without a wedding or WordCamp involved
  • I will drop all my formal side projects to focus on not just learning all I can about my new job but to be able to give it 100% as there is so much potential there to do some really cool things
  • I want to formally contribute code to any major versions of WordPress released
  • I want to improve my programming chops on something that doesn’t involve WordPress/php
  • I’d like to speak at a conference that doesn’t involve WordPress

Wow, that seems like a lot as I finish typing but I can do this. If one thing 2016 taught me it has been to trust myself, my family and my friends so I know I’ll have some serious support and won’t be doing everything alone. How can I fail like that?