Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

Some Thoughts on Blogging

OK, so this is my 5th or 6th post and suddenly I’m commenting on the blogosphere as a whole. Where do I get off? HAHA, Well, to be honest I don’t consider myself an expert blogger at all. Instead I consider myself simply someone who wants to share his thoughts with other like-minded people. Isn’t that what blogging is all about anyway?

It has amazed me how many people I’ve talked to over the last few weeks consider themselves professional bloggers. Isn’t this what you would call a journalist? The idea of someone who does this as their main source of income so completely goes against the original concept of blogging that I wouldn’t call it blogging at all. It is low-budget journalism. On top of it, in order to keep a constant stream of ideas it seems that just about every other blog out there is trying to be the next consumer reports. How many people need to write about the pros and cons of the latest digital camera or TV or whatever? Where are some original thoughts on things that interest you? If you are interesting enough that people want to read about the thoughts in your head than that’s fine, but please don’t base your blog on canned content just to have something to write about.

Where will blogs go? Who knows. I’ve seen people leaning to life-streaming and other concepts in their effort to be original. Although I’m not sure this is really necessary I would personally like to see a return to people blogging about what they no best even if it means they might not have 20-30 posts every day. I also know that while my page here might not be the most attractive or contain the most content what it does have is and always will be original and won’t be posted in an effort to simply build page views. Hopefully a few people will find that alone interesting enough to check in once in a while.