Why Are You Still In WordPress?

Why are you still in WordPress

For today’s post I want to ask you a simple question… Why are you still in WordPress? I’ll go first: I’m still in WordPress because I believe in the community. I’ve made a name for myself denouncing big tech and…

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Three Uses For Make in WordPress Development

This post is the third in my series on using Make for WordPress development. To get familiar with Make check out Automating WordPress Development with Make and, to help make your own automation more dynamic, check out Using Parameters in…

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The Changing WordPress Ecosystem

Last week I struck a nerve on Twitter with the following tweet: The responses to the comment ran the gambit of telling me I was wrong to talking about the technical problems in Gutenberg. For the most part I think…

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Blocksy vs GeneratePress

Last week I relaunched this site. It was a big project for me, not so much in time but in the decision to stop building my own theme and embrace one of the truly excellent WordPress themes available on the…

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It’s Time for a New Site

It's time for a new site

About a year ago I moved back to WordPress from Hugo. At the time I was generally happy with my Hugo theme so I ported it to my site in WordPress and have been using it ever since. While it…

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