Chris Wiegman

Decommissioned Tech

For 10 years before building this permanent page I wrote annual posts documenting my tech. While there are bits and pieces I still use in some of it, for the most part changes in tech and jobs mean that most of the things listed over the years are “decommissioned” tech that I’m no longer using. Here are the links to those posts by year.

Tech I’m no longer using

  • Bose QC25 headphonesDecommissioned June 2022
    These were great for a lot of years but just couldn’t keep up anymore. They were starting to crackle and the cable was just too hard to use on most devices when I didn’t have the right dongle with me.
  • Logitech MX Vertical mouseDecommissioned July 2022
    I’ve had this mouse for at least 3 years and it’s still going strong and very comfortable to use. If you get one, avoid installing Logitech’s software for it. The mouse itself works great but the software significantly reduces the stability.
  • MetaTextDecommissioned July 2022
    MetaText is a clean and powerful little Mastodon app that works great on all my devices (including my M1 Mac).
  • iTerm2Decommissioned July 2022
    I do an awful lot, even beyond code, from the terminal. I resisted a 3rd party tool for so long as Apple’s default Terminal does well, but the details matter. iTerm2 isn’t perfect, but it makes my life easier. I customize it for my with Oh My ZSH which gives me all the power of any of the alternatives without dealing with all the annoyances that come with them.
  • LandoDecommissioned September 2022
    This is the best tool I’ve found for developing WordPress plugins and themes. It is lightweight and CLI based allowing me to make sure any project I work with is completely portable.
  • JetBrains Mono (font)Decommissioned September 2022
    I’ve used default fonts for a long time but finally upgraded to this excellent free font for use in my editor and my terminal. It really is much more readable than anything I’ve used in the past.