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My Tech In 2024

Dec 13

My Experience in Testing JetBrains’ IDEs

Sep 4

Thinking of Going Back to JetBrains

Aug 30

Where are all the CMS applications going?

Aug 18

Code Streaks

Aug 7

3 Reasons I Do My Side Projects

Jul 28

More New Features for Kana 0.11.0

Jul 26

A Shortcut for Installing Go Versions

Jul 24

More Personal Projects

Jul 14

Back on Pop!_OS and I’m Loving Linux Again

Jul 10

Announcing gh-backup to Backup your Public GitHub Repos

Jul 7

Kana 0.10.0 is Live

Jun 28

Making my Dotfiles Public

Jun 23

Kana Continues to Develop with 0.8.1

Jun 19

My Tech is Actually Working for Me

Jun 12

I Enjoy Writing Code When I Can

Jun 7

Don’t Forget the Tests

Jun 5

Progress on Kana

May 29

Back to Ubuntu

May 24

Site Migrations are Hard

May 15

Is it time for a new WordPress theme?

May 3

Revisiting My Thoughts on Remote Work

Apr 5

Now with 50% fewer images

Apr 3

It’s time to work together and not be so negative

Mar 17

Mailpit, an updated alternative to Mailhog

Mar 15

I’m grateful for local software

Mar 10

The Eternal Project

Mar 8

Announcing Kana 0.6.0

Feb 27

The WordPress plugins in use on

Feb 13

WordPress, you’re getting very hard to love

Feb 8

Updating GitHub Profiles with WordPress and Go

Feb 6

My WordPress wish list

Feb 3

Things I will miss from Apple

Feb 1

Design is more than visuals

Jan 30

Still wishing for a better blogging tool

Jan 27

Code, Ideas and the Future of Kana

Jan 23

Fixing Networking in Fedora 37 and Docker-compose

Jan 16

Thoughts on moving from Ubuntu to Fedora

Jan 4


Investigate Apple Alternatives for 2023

Dec 23

Kana 0.2.1

Dec 16

Can I Ever Be Happy With My Tech?

Dec 9

Hello Again Linux, I Missed You

Dec 5

Digital Privacy Isn’t Easy

Nov 30

Too Much Apple Is Never A Good Thing

Nov 28

WordPress Should Embrace the Fediverse

Nov 23

Managed Hosting is Wonderful

Nov 14

A Full Year Back in the Apple Ecosystem

Nov 9

Apple OS Updates are Boring – and That is Good

Oct 26

Write Because You Love To Write

Oct 12

Finding Enjoyment In Building Software

Sep 21

Announcing Kana 0.0.3

Sep 19

Code Is Never Easy

Sep 16

Introducing Kana – A Simple and Powerful WordPress Development Environment

Sep 12

Nothing is Forever

Sep 9

A Few Tricks For Managing a FOSS Project

Aug 31

A PHP (WordPress) Dev Falls in Love with GoLang

Aug 29

Getting Close on a New Project

Aug 17

Thoughts on Remote Work

Aug 12

Checking In On My Tech

Aug 8

Not All Languages Are The Same

Aug 3

Bye Bye Gulp, Thanks for All the Help

Aug 1

I Want to Talk Again

Jul 27

If I Built A Large Website Today…

Jul 8

The Perfect iPad Keyboard?

Jun 27

Trying Full Site Editing in WordPress

Jun 24

It’s 2022 and Chrome Still Sucks

Jun 13

What Is There Besides WordPress?

May 23

Keeping My WordPress Index Pages Current

May 16

Upgrading My Home Office Studio

May 13

Why Hello Apple, I’m Glad You’re Back On Your Feet

May 6

Do I Need to Upgrade My Home Studio?

May 2

My Ideal Tech

Apr 29

Follow Your Twitter List Even If You Leave Twitter

Apr 27

Rethinking How I Use Technology

Apr 25

Leaving Twitter for Mastodon is Easy

Apr 15

Finding Community

Apr 13

My Relationship with My Data

Apr 11

Always Searching for the Perfect Tech

Apr 6

Creating a Free, Personal Shortlink Service with Netlify

Apr 4

The Pros and Cons of Apple OS Updates

Apr 1

It’s time to start self-hosting (again)

Mar 30

Maccy, the perfect Mac clipboard manager

Mar 23

So Much Tech and So Little Work

Mar 16

The Case For WordPress Multisite

Mar 7

Hello WordFest Live

Mar 4

The Futility and Possibility of Tech Boycotts

Mar 2

Why Keep Blogging?

Feb 28

The Performance Benefits of a Minimal WordPress Site

Feb 23

It’s Time for a New WordPress Theme

Feb 21

From Study to Action

Feb 16

Adventures in Programming

Feb 14

Hosting Your Email Simply and Safely

Jan 31

No More Analytics

Jan 26

The Perfect Phone Does Not Exist

Jan 21

Installing Node LTS with The Latest NPM using NVM

Jan 17

One Year With iPhone

Jan 14

My Relationship with the “Internet of Things”

Jan 12

15 Years of iPhone

Jan 10

Digital Spring Cleaning

Jan 7

A “Senior” Title Should Mean Something in WordPress

Jan 5


Using PHPCS with Homebrew On MacOS Monterey

Dec 29

The Ultimate WordPress Development Environment

Dec 27

Tweetbot vs Twitter – Which is Better?

Dec 20

Usability, Privacy and the State of My Tech

Dec 17

The Future of This Site in 2022

Dec 15

Does Gutenberg Work For You?

Dec 13

There are Many Paths In WordPress

Dec 6

My Office – 2021

Nov 26

Jetpack’s Stats – A Clarification

Nov 22

Back to WordPress. com [Jetpack] Stats

Nov 19

Making My Peace With Gutenberg

Nov 17

WordPress is Just Software… and that’s OK

Nov 15

generator-wp: A WordPress Project Generator

Nov 8

First Impressions of My M1 MacBook Pro

Nov 5

Easy Content Security Policy (CSP) Headers for WordPress

Oct 29

Three Projects For When I Have A Laptop Again

Oct 27

Stepping Back From NextDNS

Oct 25

Blog Comments Are Hard

Oct 22

Running An Update Function In Your WordPress Plugin

Oct 20

Back to Mac

Oct 18

Please Stop Hiding wp-admin

Oct 13

Privacy or Accessibility… Most People Can’t Have Both

Oct 11

Announcing Atlas Content Modeler

Oct 6

Opening Common WordPress Tools with Makefile

Oct 1

Privacy vs Security

Sep 29

The Many Communities of WordPress

Sep 27

Why Are You Still In WordPress?

Sep 24

Do You Know How Your Blog Is Licensed?

Sep 22

Development Is More Than An Internet Search

Sep 20

Managing Projects with VS Code

Sep 17

My Development Toolbox – 2021

Sep 13

The Perfect Notes App

Sep 10

Don’t Push Publish… Yet

Sep 8

Plausible Analytics for WordPress: A Review

Sep 3

VS Code Extensions for WordPress Development

Sep 1

Apple is No-longer A Safe Option

Aug 30

Why Visual Studio Code

Aug 27

Cleaning Up Docker Conflicts and Leftovers

Aug 25

The M1 iPad Pro, Three Months In

Aug 23

Why Static Site Generators Aren’t for Blogging

Aug 20

Will I Go Back to Linux

Aug 18

Finding What Application Is Running on a Given Port

Aug 13

Three Uses For Make in WordPress Development

Aug 11

Returning To Simple Apps

Aug 9

Learning React Fast

Aug 6

Using Parameters in a Make Target

Aug 4

The Changing WordPress Ecosystem

Aug 2

Linux or Windows or Mac, Oh My!

Jul 30

Automating WordPress Development with Make

Jul 28

Blocksy vs GeneratePress

Jul 26

Building a Blogging Habit

Jul 22

Fixing Lando Crashes in Docker Desktop

Jul 21

It’s Time for a New Site

Jul 20

Two Weeks With the iPad

Jun 10

Creating A Minimal WordPress Theme In The Era Of Gutenberg

Apr 25

Delete All Installed Homebrew Packages

Jan 31

iOS 14 vs Android 11: My Experience Using Both

Jan 24

Back to iPhone

Jan 17

Relying Entirely on a Single Tech Ecosystem is Bad… But Don’t Just Take My Word For It

Jan 10

Will I Buy an M1 Mac?

Jan 4

Choosing A VPN To Protect What Matters

Jan 3


Protecting Your Site From the Perils of Free and Open Wi-fi

May 28

Is It Time To Revisit Jetpack for WordPress?

May 23

When Will Your Website be Responsive?

May 18

3 Website Problems You Don’t Even Know You Have

May 16

Add Code To Your WordPress Posts With Crayon Syntax Highlighter

May 7

Follow Friday: 3 Developers Who Can Help Make Your Summer Productive

May 4

Add A New Image Size To WordPress

Apr 30

How Often Should You Blog?

Apr 27

Debugging WordPress

Apr 20

How do you handle writer’s block?

Apr 18

The 3 Most Neglected Parts of Any Website

Apr 16

5 WordPress Plugins I Can’t Live Without – 2012 Edition

Apr 11

Step Away From Your Computer

Apr 9

Stop wp-cron (WordPress cron Jobs) From Firing on Every Page Load

Apr 6

WordPress Plugin Developers: Clean Up After Yourself

Apr 4

Customize The Genesis Author Box in WordPress

Apr 2

Customize WordPress Login Page Logo

Mar 20

When Will You Upgrade To PHP 5.4?

Mar 2

Does Your Blog Have Too Many Features?

Feb 28

Gender in Social Media, the New Divide?

Feb 24

Redirect Your RSS Feed to FeedBurner

Feb 22

3 WordPress Plugin Developers I Trust

Feb 17

How Many Social Networks Should You Publish Your Blog On

Feb 15

My Web Development Toolbox – 2012

Feb 13

5 Reasons This Site Runs On WordPress

Feb 10

Customize the Contact Info Fields in WordPress Profiles

Feb 6

One Simple Way To Secure WordPress

Feb 3

Using SSL With MAMP PRO 2.x

Feb 1

Adventures in Monetization

Jan 30

Facebook Bug Lets Anyone Edit Your Page

Customize Your WordPress Dashboard in 10 Seconds

Jan 27


Drupal vs WordPress – Which is right for you?

Nov 14

Why You Shouldn’t Care About PageRank At All

Nov 11

So Long Coda, Hello Espresso

Nov 7

3 Lessons on Accessibility For Blogs

Nov 2

My #heweb11 Top 5

Oct 31

What Is The Best Way To Install A WordPress Plugin?

Oct 19

FastCGI vs suPHP vs CGI vs mod_php (DSO)

Oct 17

Never Publish Anything Immediately

Oct 10

Shared Hosting vs VPS vs Cloud vs Dedicated Server

Oct 7

3 Ways Your Host Can Effect Your SEO

Oct 5

The One Thing You Must Do For Your Site or Blog

Oct 3

How to Open an Apple Pages or Keynote Document on Any Computer

Sep 30

5 Google Services Your Website Needs (even if you don’t)

Sep 26

3 Speedometers For Your Website

Sep 23

How to Properly Redirect Your Domain With or Without www

Sep 21

5 Places Where QR Codes Can Work For You

Sep 19

Changing File Upload Size Limits in WordPress Multisite

Sep 16

The Importance of Following The Right People On Twitter

Sep 14

The Limits of Unlimited Hosting

Aug 31

Tools To Grade Your Website

Aug 29

Professionalism in Social Media

Aug 26

Web Languages For Non-techies

Aug 24

Google’s Second Class Customers

Aug 22

What Is The Best Programming Language To Learn 1st?

Aug 19

The 3 Most Important Ways To Keep Your Website Safe

Aug 16

Overcoming Social Media’s Shortcomings

Aug 14

There Is More To SEO Than Meta Tags

Aug 11

5 Tools For The One-Man (or Woman) Web Show

Aug 10

5 Signs Your Social Media Expert Isn’t What They Say They Are

Aug 8

Joomla Joins the 21st Century With Rapid Release Cycle

Aug 4

Hosting on Amazon AWS – My Experience and Some Tips

Aug 2

How to Get LiveFyre to Work With Studiopress Focus/Genesis

A Lesson On Backing Up Before An Upgrade

May 10

Drupal vs Joomla via Another Metric

Apr 19

Prepare Your WordPress Theme To Be Minified

Apr 16

Your Blog Doesn’t Have To Be Your Career

Apr 13

A Worthy Digsby Alternative for Mac

Apr 10

Analyze Your Site’s Performance With Google Page Speed Online

Apr 1

Don’t Forget the Details

Web Development Should Not Happen In A Bubble

Mar 31

10 Things I Love About Google

Mar 28

Why Every WordPress Site Should Have Zemanta

Mar 22

10 Things I Hate About Google

Mar 21

Why Your Small Site Needs Caching

Mar 18

Don’t Lose Your Focus

Mar 17

QR Codes Aren’t Just Your URL

Mar 6

10 Web and Social Media Tips for College Students

Mar 1

5 WordPress Plugins I Can’t Live Without (2011 edition)

Feb 9

14 Practical Ways to Increase the Security of Your Website

Feb 1

Social Media Shouldn’t Be A One-man Show

Jan 22

CMS Success in Unlikely Applications

Jan 18

Drupal 7 vs Joomla 1.6

Jan 11