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Content Policies

All content on is derived from the opinion and experience of Chris Wiegman. These opinions and experience are neither endorsed by nor reflect the policies or opinions of any company or organizations at which Chris is either employed at or otherwise affiliated with. In addition, guest posts are the result of the efforts, thoughts, experience, and/or opinions of their respective authors.

All content on is licensed under the Creative Commons License. Feel free to use any of it in accordance with the license.

Income Disclosures

I participate in affiliate programs. Some links on this site are displayed as part of affiliate programs for which I am compensated should a click on the link result in a purchase of the product or service in question. Note that I only use affiliate programs for products and services I currently use or have used myself and can recommend to the public in good faith. Your mileage may vary.

While this site is in no way designed to make me rich, it does however have the requirement of being, at a minimum, financially self-sufficient. My efforts to make it so do not however reflect in the opinions I express.

Privacy Policy

This site uses no JavaScript or analytics of any kind. As I host on Netlify, they may keep server logs themselves. I have no access to or ability to control the data they retain. Click here for Netlify’s privacy policy.

Some embeds may rely on code from from third-party sites. Where I use such code I will call out a link to the 3rs party’s privacy policy as appropriate.

As you may have noticed, there is no contact form on this site. Emails sent to me via the contact email address are stored in an encrypted format on my email host and will be deleted upon the conclusion of our business. If you would like to encrypt your email to me in transit, you may do so using my public key.

Comments Policy

No comments are accepted directly on the site. Please feel free to find me on Mastodon, Twitter or elsewhere to continue the conversation.

Guest Posting Policy

Sorry, this is my personal site. I do not accept guest posts.

Image Credits

Images on this site come from a few sources. Primarily I use Dreamstime, Depositphotos, Unsplash and iStock Photo where I either pay for the rights to use many of the images on this site or utilize images provided for free with the appropriate license. In other cases, particularly in product reviews, I use logos for products and organizations found on their websites and used under Fair Use.

If you find an image on this site that you feel shouldn’t be here please contact me and I will take care of it.

Code Credits

As for the design of the site itself, inspiration came from a few places. The idea of an archive site and homepage layout was taken from Aral Balkan. Most of the rest of the layout is from the Ezhil Hugo theme which is also what I used as a base for the markup itself. Finally, most of the responsive work, especially the menu, came from my own WordPress theme which powered this site up until last year.