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Another Trip Around the Sun is Complete

Jun 21

Monday, 17 June, 2024

Jun 17

Words are Hard to Come By

Jun 14

Friday, 7 June, 2024

Jun 7

Wednesday, 5 June, 2024

Jun 5

Happy Birthday, Mom

Jun 3

So Long, May

May 31

Back to Work

May 29

Happy Birthday Dad

May 22

A Tourist In My Own Town

May 20

Taking Time Off

May 15

Monday, May 13 ,2024

May 13

The New Sonos App is a Welcome Upgrade

May 8

Wednesday, 1 May, 2024

May 1

Trying New Tech

Apr 29

Life is Looking Up

Apr 22

Friday, 19 April, 2024

Apr 19

We’re No Longer Florida Homeowners

Apr 17

Monday, April 15 2024

Apr 15

A Quick Post

Apr 12

Not a Good Week

Apr 10

Anniversaries I Wish Were Not

Apr 8

I Won’t Miss Hurricane Season

Apr 5

How my tech should be

Apr 3

Grateful for a work holiday

Apr 1

The Best Tech I Ever Had

Mar 29

Learning to “live with it”

Mar 27

Friday, 22 March, 2024

Mar 22

It was a great weekend

Mar 18

I’m Tired

Mar 15

Bad Habits

Mar 13

Life is Weird

Mar 11

All Tech is Bad

Mar 8

Winter is Back?

Mar 6

Our New Normal

Mar 4

Old Friends

Mar 1

The Storms No Longer Scare Me

Feb 28

Too Tired for Words

Feb 26

A New Work Computer

Feb 23

The Never-ending Move

Feb 21

It’s So Hard To Relax

Feb 19

Heading Home

Feb 16

Safari Is Still My Favorite Browser

Feb 12

Could This Site be Limiting Me?

Feb 9

More Moving Woes

Feb 7

No, I’m not buying an Apple Vision Pro

Feb 5

I’ve Finished a Full Month of Getting Healthier

Feb 2

Resuming Work Travel

Jan 31

My Frustration With Tech

Jan 26

Weekdays are Hard

Jan 24

The Curiosity is Returning

Jan 19

In Sickness and In Cold

Jan 17

Time is Weird

Jan 15

Hello Chicago

Jan 10

An Ominous Start for 2024

Jan 5

It’s 2024

Jan 1


Good Riddance 2023

Dec 29

The Move That Never Ends

Dec 27

Merry Christmas

Dec 25

Time for a Holiday

Dec 22

Old Habits Die Hard

Dec 20

DNS is Hard

Dec 18

Rest in Peace, My Friend

Dec 15

Mic Check… Is this thing on?

Dec 11

A Quick Break

Oct 2

Taking Apart My Space

Sep 29

Another Year, Another Apple OS Upgrade

Sep 27

A New Phone and a New Watch

Sep 25

Preparing for New Tech

Sep 22

Wednesday, 20 September, 2023

Sep 20

Starting to Pack

Sep 18

Friday, September 15, 2023

Sep 15

Preparing to Move and Hoping for Home

Sep 13

We Found a Condo

Sep 11

Friday, 8 September 2023

Sep 8

Where is the Positivity?

Sep 6

Time for a Reset

Sep 1

Time is Growing Short

Aug 28

A Bright Spot

Aug 25

Walking Away

Aug 23

Chicago is Getting Real

Aug 21

Wednesday, 16 August 2023

Aug 16

Home, I think?

Aug 14

That Would be Amazing

Aug 11

Another Piece of My Childhood is Gone

Aug 9

A Good Move or a Bad Move?

Aug 4

So Close

Aug 2

A Good Sign?

Jul 31

Friday, 21 July 2023

Jul 21

Wed, 19 July 2023

Jul 19

What happened to happy?

Jul 17

Finding Focus

Jul 12

Learning Something New

Jul 5

Enjoying the Long Weekend

Jul 3

Completely Removing Twitter

Jun 30

Can 2023 Just End Already?

Jun 26

Another Birthday

Jun 21

A 3-day Weekend

Jun 16

It’s Time for a Digital Reset

Jun 14

I Need to Fix This

Jun 9

It’s Friday

Jun 2

No more fighting my tech

May 31

Ivory for Mac

May 26

Back in Florida

May 22

Almost “home”

May 19

I miss my office

May 17

Grateful for Friday

May 12

The Real Test Begins

May 10

Florida really does make me sick

May 8

Yes, I over-engineered my office

May 5

Could this be failure?

May 1

I Miss You Mom

Apr 28

Pausing is Hard

Apr 12

Life is Hard

Apr 10

Another Week is Done

Apr 7

The fast pace of change in tech

Mar 31

Hiding boosts in Ivory for Mastodon

Mar 29

Porto, Portugal: Our 1st trip abroad since 2018

Mar 27

Not Today

Mar 24

First impressions of traveling again

Mar 22

Stepping back from the web

Mar 20

New doesn’t mean “more productive”

Mar 13

My post schedule is too rigid

Mar 6

My Mastodon Anniversary

Mar 3

Finding Energy

Mar 1

Tuning Out is Hard

Feb 24

So long my friend

Feb 22

It’s OK that I can’t use Linux for everything

Feb 20

Getting Sick

Feb 17

The power to fix productivity

Feb 15

Use your strengths

Feb 10

The Perfect Mastodon Client for Me

Jan 25

It’s time to be simple again

Jan 20

Writing Is The Point

Jan 18

Running on Empty

Jan 13

Getting Used To Linux Apps Again

Jan 11

My Obsession With Tools Isn’t Healthy

Jan 9

Back to Work

Jan 6

Hello 2023

Jan 2


Looking Back on 2022

Dec 30

So Many Bad Options

Dec 28

A Tale of Finance Software Woes

Dec 26

Ready For A Break

Dec 21

Time To Reduce My Reliance On Big Tech

Dec 19

Advanced Data Protection is a Great Feature

Dec 14

Ready for the Holidays

Dec 12

A Short Post

Dec 7

A Full Year of 10,000 Steps: Done

Dec 2

Yes, I Do Have Much to be Thankful For

Nov 25

Still Searching for Focus

Nov 21

I need to stop worrying about my tools

Nov 18

The House Is Quiet Again

Nov 16

A Long and Valuable Week

Nov 11

Thoughts On Mastodon and Twitter

Nov 7

Focus is Hard

Nov 4

Two Years Without Beer

Nov 2

100 Book Goal – Complete

Oct 31

Day After Day

Oct 28

Summer is Back

Oct 24

I’m OK With No Tech Posts

Oct 21

Visiting Family

Oct 19

The Future is Very Dark

Oct 17

Change is Never Easy

Oct 14

Will We Finally Get Modern Internet?

Oct 10

We’re Not There Yet

Oct 7

Home But Still Waiting

Oct 5

It’s Time To Move

Oct 3

Waiting To Return

Sep 30

Requesting Hope

Sep 28

It’s Crunch Week and I’m Tired

Sep 26

The Joy of Writing

Sep 23

Shopping For Better Writing Software

Sep 14

Just Push Publish Isn’t Always Easy

Sep 7

I’m Not Getting A New Phone… And That Is Exciting To Me

Sep 5

Grateful For The Holiday

Sep 2

A Symptom of My Depression

Aug 26

I Love My Work but I Do Miss Writing Code

Aug 24

All Tech Is Garbage

Aug 22

Let’s Go

Aug 19

My Little Escapes

Aug 15

Anxiety Is Hard

Aug 10

What’s the Point?

Aug 5

Finding Peace At Home

Jul 29

Adding A New Daily Habit

Jul 25

So Much Time and Nothing To Do

Jul 22

1 Year of Regular Blogging

Jul 20

Meet Kana

Jul 18

Meet Lindy

Jul 15

Meet Pele

Jul 13

Writing Is Hard

Jul 11

A Week Off Social Media

Jul 6

Social Media Is Not Activism

Jul 4

It’s Time For A Social Media Break

Jul 1

This Month Has Been One Hell Of A Year

Jun 29

Choosing To Be… Happy?

Jun 22

Another Birthday

Jun 20

Is Winter Coming, Again?

Jun 17

It’s Time To Stop Playing The Game

Jun 15

Looking Back at My Writing

Jun 10


Jun 8

The Writing Is The Point

Jun 6

So Much For Modern Technology

Jun 3

60 Books

Jun 1

Writing Code For Me

May 30

It’s Time for Help

May 27

A Loss For Words

May 25

The Little Things

May 20

Back to Work

May 18

Step Away From the Computer

May 11

On Vacation

May 9

My Life as an Imposter

May 4

Finding Motivation to Write

Apr 22

I miss teaching

Apr 20

Don’t Forget To Shop Around

Apr 18

131 Days

Apr 8

Dreading the Endless Summer

Mar 28


Mar 25

Venturing Out

Mar 21

Wellness Day

Mar 18

The Impossibility of Minimalism

Mar 14

2 Years

Mar 11

How Much Is Enough?

Mar 9

A Welcome Break During Bad Times

Feb 25

The Perfect Office?

Feb 18

Is it time for a hiatus?

Feb 11

Writer’s Block or Burnout

Feb 9

There Should be More to Normal than Escape

Feb 7

Three Months Soda Free

Feb 4

Hello February

Feb 2

Enjoying the Season

Jan 28

Finding Home

Jan 24

7 Years

Jan 19

Hopes and Dreams for 2022

Jan 3