Building a Blogging Habit

Building A Blogging Habit

If there is one thing that has eluded me over the years I’ve had this site it is a consistent habit of posting new content. Instead I mostly work in spurts with a month or two of regular writing followed…

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It’s Time for a New Site

It's time for a new site

About a year ago I moved back to WordPress from Hugo. At the time I was generally happy with my Hugo theme so I ported it to my site in WordPress and have been using it ever since. While it…

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My New Normal

Joy and I on the beach at Siesta Key in June 2021

If you had told me at the beginning of 2020 that all travel would be ending, that we would stop eating out, stop drinking and generally be tied to our house for over a year and a half I would…

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Two Weeks With the iPad

Two weeks with the iPad

Two weeks ago I did something I would’ve thought unthinkable even a month ago, I replaced my personal laptop with a new Apple iPad. After more than 20 years with either a desktop or a laptop I wasn’t sure what…

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