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Back to GPG and on to Tailscale

A few months ago I did something I hadn’t considered in a very long time: I abandoned my long-standing GPG key and just reverted to a local key pair for working with Git. In the process I also stopped using my Yubikey which had been a part of my workflow for years, allowing me to seamlessly swap between machines with a greater level of security across all of it.

This weekend I went back to GPG and my Yubikey. It may sound like a dumb thing but I liked the workflow, particularly as I swap between machines regularly and my Yubikey is once again a regular part of my security for any service that uses it. I also have a brand new ed25519 key that I’ll be posting publicly in the coming days. It feels so familiar to use again and I’m grateful I made the switch.

The other big change over this past weekend was that I moved from Proton VPN to Tailscale for my personal VPN service.

The move to this was to allow me a predictable VPN solution while out (I’ll spin up a low-end DigitalOcean box as my exit node) and to allow me to start setting up some self-hosted solutions again in a more secure way than just leaving the SSH ports open to the world.

With a little bit of luck this is all a first step to escaping Apple’s grip on my tech life some.