Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

No, I’m not buying an Apple Vision Pro

My feed this weekend is full of people talking about Apple’s latest “must have” gadget, the Vision Pro. While I’m not on the hate wagon against it I am not buying one either.

Apple’s device releases are just weird to me. Going back to the iPhone (the first time I noticed the phenomenon) the hype is so far beyond the promise that I find it all a little gross. So much so that, when the iPad was released, I do remember certain Apple fanboys mocking me for saying I didn’t want one.

All these years later I do have an iPad and am typing this post from it. The iPad, like the iPhone, has evolved to be a great tool for those who have a need. It took a long time past launch for them to get to this point and maybe the Vision Pro will get there too but today it is not that kind of tool.

Today I have two issues with the Vision Pro. The first is that I don’t have a use case for such a tool and the second is that, more so than previous Apple products, I fear how the Vision Pro can bring more harm than good to all-too-many people. It doesn’t seem as invasive as Google Glass but it promises, by design, to take people out of their immediate environment and I fear that will combine with surveillance and other exploitive tech to hurt so many people.

I can’t say I will never have the Vision Pro or a similar tool, to do so would just be foolish. I will just say that I will not contribute to the harm and physical piles of waste this first generation will generate. By the time such tech grows to the point where I have a use case for it I just hope I’m wrong about the harm it will cause but, only time will tell.