Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

In Sickness and In Cold

For the first time in a long time, I am sick.

First, at least according to a proper testing regime, it’s not COVID so I’m pretty sure I’ve still never had that.

The ironic part is all of it comes many weeks after we started being careful again. During the move we kinda fell apart with masking and all and took far more chances than we should have yet, somehow, we weren’t sick.

The symptoms I have today come after weeks of going almost no where at all and, for the few places we have gone, I’ve masked and generally taken all the precautions I normally would.

The one exception is at home. We have a nice community exercise room in the building and that’s where I’ve let my guard down. I think it’s just the whole “I’m at home so I’m safe” thing and, well, I was wrong.

Here’s to hoping whatever it is doesn’t last long because it sucks.

On top of that we’re in the midst of the first “real” winter that I’ve had in 25 years or so. It’s so cold even the schools in Chicago were mostly closed yesterday. I really think that, had we bought a regular house, I would be miserable but the condo we’re in makes this the least of my worries (especially as I don’t have to commute in it).