Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

The Move That Never Ends

I’ve been hoping for the chance this week to sit down and write something of more substance but, alas, that isn’t in the cards. So far, with the exception of Saturday morning, we’ve been going non-stop this week and that isn’t about to stop.

Beyond the fact that we haven’t sold the Florida house yet (truth be told, there really wasn’t much of a chance for us to do so before we got Joy up here full-time just last week) we’re still unloading U-Haul containers. We spent today unloading one and we have one more to go tomorrow.

I hope and pray that, after this, we can start putting things away in our new place as the clutter is really starting to raise my anxiety. I also really hope that I can find enough of a break in the insanity to sit and write a few posts I’ve been hoping to write for far too long.

Until that time, however, wish me luck.