Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

No more fighting my tech

After a week back on Ubuntu I can say switching back has been the right choice for now. That said, at this point it’s also safe to say it doesn’t change my mind that Linux isn’t the right daily-driver machine for me anymore and I’m OK with that.

I really did like my setup when I was on Android and Linux but I long ago realized that was because I let myself dive head first into the Google ecosystem. Once I got out of that and went to FOSS it all went to hell pretty quickly.

When I bought this new laptop for Linux I thought it would be the first step to going back to Linux full-time but now I don’t think that’s the case. It simply can’t work well with the way I work unless I go back into the Google ecosystem.

At this point, that’s OK.

I just want to make things with my tech, not worry about the tech itself. Apple does that wonderfully and having my Linux laptop to supplement it all is about as perfect as a setup as I’m ever going to find.

Now let’s build.