Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

Ivory for Mac

Ivory for Mac was released this week and it is exactly what Mastodon was missing.

For the last few years I was on Twitter the only thing that made it usable to me was Tweetbot. It removed all the algorithmic BS, cleaned up my timeline and was generally a delightful app for the platform. Even if Twitter hadn’t become a fascist-enabling site with the Musk takeover, the demise of Tweetbot I long said would be my cue to leave the service.

Mastodon has been great for me for a number of years now but the website experience wasn’t much better than what Twitter offered. Given that I’ve been so excited to play with Ivory this week which is by the same people that built Tweetbot.

I’ve actually been using the app since it launched on iOS a few months ago but it was missing the most important platform for me, my Mac. I do almost everything from the computer itself so having a 1st-class desktop app was absolutely essential and Ivory hasn’t disappointed.

Today, with Ivory, Mastodon feels like Twitter did before Twitter went to hell. It’s fast, well designed and makes Mastodon feel like a first-class service.

If you are an Apple user and are looking for a solid app for Mastodon I definitely recommend giving it a shot.