Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

Is it time for a new WordPress theme?

I’ve had my current WordPress theme on this site for longer than any previous theme or site design I’ve used…

…and I’m thinking of changing it again.

While it’s served me well I actually find myself wanting to explore some newer technologies with WordPress and that just doesn’t work with a theme where the goal was to be as efficient and sustainable as possible.

Removing all the JavaScript and so many other little things I don’t need is neat but the modern web doesn’t work that way. If I want to explore how to build a site with WordPress in 2023 I need to embrace Gutenberg and other tech and that will simply require a much, much more bloated theme.

Beyond the tech, I’m just finding the design itself dated. I’m used to changing this site every few months at least and I think I first launched this theme over 2 years ago. I’ve had a few ideas wandering around in my head and I would like a new coat of paint.

We’ll see where I go with this in the coming weeks and beyond but I’m actually a bit excited to have something to do with it. Now to see where that leads.