Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

Back to Ubuntu

A few months ago I had finally moved off of Ubuntu (or Ubuntu derivatives) after using them almost exclusively for well over a decade. I started using Fedora and I thought I loved it but I was wrong.

Fedora is a great operating system. It had less junk than Ubuntu (stuff I normally turn off on Ubuntu anyway) and was generally a bit more stable than Ubuntu on my laptop but that just wasn’t enough.

I spend a lot of time in Docker building Kana and other projects and Fedora made doing that work harder than it needs to be. While Docker is built to handle Ubuntu’s firewall it had no idea how to handle Fedora and that quickly became a problem.

With new versions of both Fedora and Ubuntu out I just couldn’t justify trying to work around Fedora’s firewall with Docker and I finally gave up.

When Docker works out firewall support with Fedora I’ll surely give it a fresh shot but, at least for now, Ubuntu is good enough and, most importantly, works with what I need it to.