Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

The fast pace of change in tech

Even without trying to do so it amazes me, sometimes, how quickly our tech changes. As I write this today I’m doing so with one very noticeable change, “distraction free” mode on WordPress 6.2 and one less obvious but very important change, a much more stable Fedora laptop than I had a few weeks ago.

I didn’t ask for these updates, especially with WordPress I’ve gotten to the point where I dread new versions rather than welcome them, but they’re here and I try to update my tech as quickly as new updates are released for, if no other reason, the security benefits most updates include these days.

I can also see how all this change can really frustrate people. I’m extremely competent with most tech and there are changes I lose track of and can’t keep up with. For those less familiar I can’t imagine how most modern tech is anything but frustrating.

All that said, what’s the answer? I don’t think tech should be static. It should grow and evolve to better serve society. Those aren’t usually the types of updates we get but that still isn’t a reason to “freeze” tech where we’re at.

Things should change. Perhaps the answer is to just stop with the “move fast and break things” bullshit. I really don’t have an answer but I do hope we eventually see some change in attitude so that tech can better evolve to serve everyone rather than just investors.