Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

The Eternal Project

My favorite project is often a project that I can never finish.

I don’t mean that it is unusable or impossible, but my favorite projects are the ones where there is always something more to adapt or evolve. It’s a project where I can sit down today or two years from now and still have something to work on, something to improve that users will find useful.

Today Kana, my WordPress development CLI, is just that project. As it nears a full year old there is still plenty I want to do with and, whenever I get a chance to sit down with it (which, I confess, is not as often as I would like) I know exactly what I want to work on to make it just a little bit better.

There are other projects I avoid because there would be a very definite “done” point. For example, scripts I would use once or things I would need to set up and then forget. A perfect example of this is moving my book collection from Goodreads to my own WordPress site. I start working on it and sit down with code and ideas but I never get far as I can’t see far enough down the road. Instead I see the end of the road, at least in terms of the work I would need to do, and I just freeze up and walk away.

It’s a rather strange “problem” to have, I get that. Perhaps, like so many other things, if I begin to acknowledge that I can begin to do something about it as well.