Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

My post schedule is too rigid

It’s been a while since I was able to work ahead on this site. When I started publishing three days per week I would often have a week’s worth (or more) of posts in the queue ready to go but, around the beginning of 2022, that changed.

Today I nearly always write any given post the day before I publish it. There’s nothing wrong with that but I still feel like doing so isn’t the most efficient use of my time (not to mention that doing so can often lead to more typos than I would otherwise write as I spend less time editing).

As the Sprint approaches I think it’s time to revisit that goal of keeping a week or more worth of posts in reserve. It’s also time to remember that I originally set out to publish at least three days per week. The idea was that anything else that came to mind could be pushed out in between the regular posts, an idea I have yet to act on.

I write here because I enjoy writing. There are things, however, that I hold myself back on to meet my own publishing schedule. That has to stop and it’s time for me to make it so.

We’ll see how it goes by my goal is to work up a queue of the regular posts and publish at least a few extras between now and June 1. With a little bit of luck this will make my regular posts a little more polished and will allow me to use the rest to express myself just a bit more honestly. That would make my writing so much more important to me.

Wish me luck.