Chris Wiegman Chris Wiegman

It’s time to be simple again

If there’s any lesson I tend to forget all-too-often in our material culture it’s that of simple.

If you were to apply a label to me from something in the last 10 years it would probably be “minimalist.” I’m not talking about the art style (I can’t stand that “minimalist”), I’m talking about desire to live more simply and consume less.

While the label is relatively new, the concept, at least for me, is not. As a kid my mom sometimes called me the “anti-packrat” as I tended to want to get rid of far more than I would keep. As I got older it wasn’t much different. Today, however, I feel like I’ve gotten too far away from those ideas and I believe it is the source of an awful lot of my anxiety over the past few years.

I live in the biggest house I’ve ever owned. I have a whole room of stuff that makes up my office. I have so many devices I can barely keep track of them all… the list goes on and it all weighs on me.

So here’s my reminder that life doesn’t have to be this way. It’s time to start paring back again and to return to where I was happiest.

I miss simple and it’s time to be simple again.